Efrain (Frank)

Efrain (Frank)

Owner / Senior Advisor

(512) 675-8335

As the proud owner and founder of our esteemed company since 2002, I bring not just my expertise but a deeply rooted passion for our mission and values. I am a devoted husband and father to five wonderful children, a testament to my commitment to family, which extends beyond the home into my community work. Since 1990, Austin has been my home, where I have cherished the support of my wife since our marriage in 1992. Her unwavering support has been a cornerstone of not just our family but also our business journey.

My weekends are dedicated to serving as the president of the Christian Family Movement, a role I have been honored to fulfill for 14 years. In this capacity, I volunteer my time to counsel couples, drawing from my deep commitment to supporting families through their challenges and celebrations. This role complements my professional work, where I have personally trained each of our crew members, ensuring that our team not only meets but exceeds our high standards of excellence.

Beyond my professional and volunteer work, I have a passion for coaching, playing soccer, and spending time with my horses. These hobbies allow me to connect with others, stay active, and maintain a balance in my life, principles that I believe are essential for success both in business and personal endeavors.

Join us as we continue to grow and impact our community positively, guided by values of family, dedication, and a passion for what we do.