Chief Operating Officer

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Meet Our Chief Operating Officer: A Pillar of Passion and Leadership

Hello! I'm the Chief Operating Officer at PSP, and I bring a unique blend of family connection, experience, and dedication to our team. Joining the company in 2007 and working closely with Frank until 2010, I took a brief hiatus only to return in 2020 with renewed energy and commitment. As the owner's sister-in-law, I'm deeply invested in PSP's success, striving to make it not only a leader in construction services but also a standout place to work.

Beyond my professional role, I'm a mother to an amazing son who fills my life with joy and keeps me on my toes. When I'm not steering PSP towards new heights or keeping up with my son, I enjoy shopping, diving into a good book, practicing Pilates, and unleashing my creativity through crafting. These personal passions reflect my approach to leadership: balanced, focused, and always seeking growth.

Join us at PSP, where we're building more than structures; we're crafting a community of excellence.