How to Prepare Exterior Siding for Winter

February 25, 2024

How to Prepare Exterior Siding for Winter

Fall is an ideal time to have a close look at your home’s exterior siding. It’s also the ideal time to spot any flaws and make sure they are corrected. 

Clean the Gutters

Your home’s gutters make it possible to keep moisture away from the home’s structure. While gutters are a relatively sturdy part of your home, there are many ways they can be damaged during the hot months. Hail and high winds can push them away from your home and even put dents and holes in the gutters. That’s why you should have them inspected as winter approaches. Ice and snow can cause problems with the gutters and lead to the buildup of ice dams. Keep this problem at bay by fixing your gutters before the start of the harsh winter weather. 

Examine the Siding 

Cooler weather during the fall makes it easier to get outdoors. Take the time to have a look around your home’s property. Pay attention to all parts of the home’s siding. You might see areas of discoloration. You might also see areas where the siding is peeling away from the home. Even a small gap can be a problem when snow and sleet come along. Look carefully at areas where the siding meets other parts of your home such as the foundation and seaming. These are areas that are prone to problems when winter starts. 

Make Repairs 

Making repairs now is a must. If you see anything amiss such as evidence the siding is pulling away from your home, you’ll want to get it fixed as soon as possible in order to avoid problems once the winter weather settles in. You might be able to fix small problems with the exterior siding such as a few missing pieces of siding. However, larger gaps in the home’s siding have to be corrected. These are sections that should be fixed by a professional. That will ensure your home’s siding is in the best shape as cold weather arrives.