The Best Time to Replace Your Siding

February 25, 2024

The Best Time to Replace Your Siding

Renovating the exterior of your home will boost its curb appeal and resale value. Landscaping, maintaining the roof, and restoring your driveway should all be priorities for owners. Another area to look out for will be your siding. It’s a good idea to replace the siding panels every 10 to 15 years. However, you will get the best results by waiting until the best time of year to do so.

Why Do You Need Your Siding Replaced?

Exposure to the sun over a long period of time is not good for your siding. This is exactly the kind of pressure that will cause it to slowly but surely deteriorate. The sun possesses the power of intense heat that will cause the siding to expand. This will gradually bend it out of shape. This can lead to stretching that will cause serious eyesore and heat loss issues by the time winter arrives. 

Autumn Is the Best Time to Replace Your Siding

The spring and summer seasons are usually prone to a much higher level of thunderstorms. Trying to replace your siding during this time can lead to the growth of mildew, black mold, and other hazards. It can also cost a great deal more to try to handle this job during other seasons during fall. This will be due to the excess heat or cold that workers may face while attempting to do the job. 

Replacing your siding during the fall season will help you fix all of the potential issues that can lead to heat loss. There is also the fact that the weather will be just right during the fall. This is an especially high priority if you live in the Northeast or Midwest where this can be a major issue. Getting the job done in the fall is the best way to ensure that you will be ready to face the long winter months.